Monday, July 2, 2012

We Are So Not The People That We Hoped We Would Be

It’s really too bad
kind of a shame
if you ask me
hard to figure out
why it had to be
but honey
it is plain to see
that we are just
not the people
that we had hoped
we would be

Who am I talking about?
well if the shoe fits
(ain’t that the usual way?)
But when it comes to our family
it’s one size fits all
and that’s all
I’ve got to say

I’ve tried hard
to pretend
that it was all just
in my mind and
that all of our
insults and slurs
were just a figment
of the times
but honey
I was so wrong
(all that bullshit
all that trash talk
came from us
all along!)

Trust me
I feel real bad
about it
(and I’m sure
there’s enough
blame to go around)
But like the proverbial tree
that falls to the ground
if there are no witnesses
to hear it
did the tree
make a sound?

All I ever wanted for you
was to wish you the very best
(No need to pick up the remote
this won’t be on the test)

Now all I can say is
when they tell me that
the apple doesn’t fall
far from the tree
is that it is so
plain to see
that we are so
not the people
that we had hoped
we would be

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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