Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The More Things Change

The French, bless their little hearts, have a famous expression that goes like this - "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose!" Translation- The more things change, the more they stay the same! And they are correct of course. I am thinking today about the upcoming US mid term elections which are only a few days away. I do plan to vote though I am less than enthusiastic about my choices. I will hold my nose and vote the big D for democrat party candidates.

The mass media folks have been saying for weeks (over and over again ad nauseum) that the Republicans can expect to claim enough seats to take over control of both the Senate and the House. I cannot believe that such will come to pass. I have even put my money ($5.00) to the test. I bet a man in my gym class that after all the smoke settles that the dems will still be in control of both houses of Congress. Some of my friends have since told me that I will most probably lose this bet.

Maybe so. But I just cannot bring myself to believe that the good folks of America will abandon President Obama after only two years in office at the time of his greatest need for their support. Not to mention that they would just be shooting themselves in the foot, cutting off their collective noses to spite themselves. Why in the name of all that is holy would they vote to put the G.O.P. back into power?

Why would they give the keys of power back to the very same people who all but destroyed the American economy in the crash of 2008? President Obama and his capable inner circle brain trust basically pulled a rabbit out of a hat in their efforts to save and shore up the few jobs that were still available while managing to save the financial system from a complete and total global financial colllapse. Not a bad record for only two years in office. And let us not forget that President Obama was able to end combat operations in Iraq after eight years of futility.

This in addition to Obamacare, the most important overhaul of the US healthcare system in fifty years. (The G.O.P has sworn to repeal Obamacare in the next congress if they manage to gain a majority of the seats). This must not be allowed to happen. We here in the USA agree that majority rules. That is the essence of Democracy is it not? On the other hand no party has a monopoly on stupidity.

We all say that we all want what is best for America. I only wish this were true. Something that should be beneath all good and true and loyal Americans is to wish an incumbent President to fail in the performance of his job. Rush Limbaugh has openly said that he prays every night for President Obama to fail. In my book that smacks a lot of treason. Yes, it is treasonous to wish your own President to fail.

I say if all of the so-called Red states want to fail, I say let them! If they want to withdraw from these United States and form their own country again I say let them (and good riddance to them!) We have come too far and have suffered too much as a people to ever willingly turn the clock back to the early 1950s. There, I have said my piece.

Now don't forget to vote this Nov. 2. I hope we will have cause to celebrate a renewed victory for President Obama and the American people! And may it be so speedily and in our time, Amen.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Perfect Day At The Beach

A perfect day at the beach
The sky, a deep pastel shade of blue
The ocean, deep green and full of salt
The beach, alabaster white for as far as the eye can see
The wind, gentle and caressing
The seagulls, calling and mocking, always on the hunt for fish

And all I needed to make it
A more perfect day
Was a big, beautiful kite to fly.

And you can be sure
That the next time
I come back to the Jersey shore
To my big, beautiful Jersey shore

I will be sure
To have a big, beautiful kite to fly
And that’s for sure.

jack h. markowitz