Monday, July 2, 2012

One More River To Cross

Oh, the good old chariot passing by
One more river to cross
She jarred the earth an’ shook the sky
One more river to cross
The good old chariot passing by
One more river to cross
I pray, good Lord, shall I be one?
One more river to cross
Gospel Hymn –
One More River To Cross

My co-workers like to tease
me at work
the closer I get to
actual retirement
the more I hear comments like
guess that’s the last annual report
you will have to work on
I usually stammer something
equally inane I reply
yeah, roger that or
yep, that’s a big 10-4
I am quickly racking up
a whole list of
last time experiences

It’s the last time
I will have to attend
a mandatory training
the last time that
I will see a regular
bi-weekly paycheck
the last time
I will be greeted
by the lady security guards
at the security desk
It’s a little like
I’ve booked passage
on an ocean cruise to
the Bahamas
(not a bad idea actually)
and all of my familiar moorings
have been cast away
It’s been a long time
since I’ve last ventured
so far out
of my comfort zone
will the natives be friendly?
will I be treated with respect?
will I still be able to
come and go
as I please?

All my bags are
almost packed
and I’m ready to leave
this time there
really is no
turning back
no time to grieve

At this stage of life
I now know more
people who have
gone on before me
and I can see them
standing on deck
leaning over the rails
waving at me
urging me to join them
for the voyage of a
life time
I look up at them
and I recognize their
shiny faces
I wave back at them
and I slowly
move step by step
Inching my way up
slowly along
the gangway
taking my place in line
with my fellow travelers
as the ship’s
steam whistle blows
a warning to all
the other ships
and tugboats
in the harbor

It’s a clear and
starry night
and the seagulls are
out in force

I am ready for the voyage
come what may
I have been a
for far too long

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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