Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Time Pissed Off

So I take it that
(After all
Of these long years)
That Delores is still
Pissed off at me
(I really can’t
Imagine why)

Maybe she still
Harbors a grudge
Against me
For leaving her
That time
When I thought
I was going to
Make Aliyah
To Israel
(I dropped the lease
On my Brooklyn
Packed up all of my things
And shipped the whole
Shebang off to
A remote kibbutz
In Israel named
Shaare HaGolan)

Not surprising
(For me and my
Half baked notions)
The Aliyah experiment failed
And I was back
In the states
After only six weeks
No apartment
No job
No girl friend and
No prospects
Maybe that’s why
Delores still hates me

Could be
(You never really know)
What the fork
Was I thinking?

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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