Thursday, February 4, 2010


Shalom,y'all. Welcome to my free association blog. I am new to this blogging thing, so bear with me if I ramble from one topic to another. There may be a pattern or there may not depending on the reader's (and author's) point of view.
I welcome this outlet to jot some random thoughts about just about everything. It is somewhat intimidating, sort of like trying to be a trapeze artist without having had any real formal training. I have not been much of a fan of formal training in the first place though I concede it must have its proper place in the overall scheme of things.
I generally have a short concentration span and my mind does seem to like skipping around the lily pond from lotus lilly to lotus lilly, whether gilded or otherwise. I used to love to watch the long legged insects skate atop the water of the various ponds that I have frequented or encountered during my life.
I thought it was wonderful how they (the insects) could literally walk on water (it all has to do with the tensil strength of the water molecules at the water surface). I have spent a good deal of my life just observing. I allowed myself the privilege of such wool gathering as it has been disparagingly called by people who do not engage much in day dreams.
I may have once feared that all my wool gathering observations may have been for naught until I discovered this blogging thing. Now I feel that I have at long last found a suitable outlet for the whole inventory of woolgathering thoughts that I have stored in the warehouse of my mind (And just in time too. I was starting to run out of storage space).
I have recently published a children's book titled "Bubbie and Zadie Save the Day" (Xlibris, 2010). I say that it is ostensibly a children's book, but I am really not so sure if the primary audience is children at all. I am thinking that the book works just as much for adults as well. The story line remembers a Romanian folk tale that my mother used to tell me and my siblings as a rather unusual bed time story. I dedicated the book to my mother's memory and to my two grandsons, Peyton Earls and Samuel Earls; kind of a bridge across the generations. At least I hope so. I am very curious as to how the book is going to be received so reader's comments will be greatly appreciated. And so it goes.