Friday, July 13, 2012

Mac And Me

So as I was sayin to my 
Good old buddy Mac
Just the other day
The main reason
That things are still
Mostly the same
Is that
It just beez that way
How do you mean?
Well like I was sayin
Back in the day
How far back are we talkin?
Back before Moses wore shorts
That far back?
At least
If things could’ve been different
Then they would’ve been
But bein that they couldn’t
They wasn’t
You get my drift?
I think I do
What I’m tryin to say is
No matter how you cut it
The Man has it fixed
So that the more things change
The more things stay the same
You dig?
You mean to say that
the more things change
the more things stay
the same ol’
same ol’?
Now you feelin me Cuz!
So why you be
Pullin on my shirt
about all this now?
Because you still
Owe me fifteen bucks
Since last month
And I still ain’t seen
None of it
No how!

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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