Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Call For New Poems

Jack Henry Markowitz releases a collection of ‘new poems’

‘Last Call for New Poems’ is a testament to the diversity of human experience 

PHILADELPHIA – Storytelling is a well-loved tradition that has accompanied human civilization throughout the ages. As a storyteller, Jack Henry Markowitz is familiar with the magic that is inherent to stories. In his book, “Last Call for New Poems,” he narrates a story of life using the mesmerizing medium of poetry.  

“Last Call for New Poems” is a collection of the author’s original poems. It is a cornucopia of pleasures, life lessons, experiences and essential wisdom. It dazzles in the range of subjects that it explores, some poems are personal in nature while others explore more topical and universal subjects but Markowitz’ distinctive literary voice makes each poem immediate and emotionally accessible. The author has once again succeeded in demonstrating the power of poetry to touch the heart, uplift the spirit and even transform lives.  

Personally valuable and universally significant, “Last Call for New Poems” is a testament to the vast and colorful diversity of human experience. Most of all it reveals how human experience can be shared and celebrated together through the powerful medium of poetry.

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One soul
One world
One love

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