Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blank Paper

Blank paper
Is like an unused
Ski slope
At some
Pocono resort
As it is being covered
With a new coating of
Freshly minted powder

Blank paper is
It is as pure
As the driven snow
It is without blemish
It is virtuous
It is without sin
It is a symbol of
All that is good
It is full of valor
It is clean
It is noble
It is untrammeled
Lacking in
Evil intention
It is funky
It is seductive
It is inviting
It is a tabla rasa

Blank paper is like
A new beginning
It is a fresh start
It is a second chance
It is a chance
For redemption
For new hope
For rebirth
For reincarnation
For a new explanation
For an opportunity to
Rectify past mistakes

Blank paper
Is an opportunity for
For healing
For counseling
For therapy

Blank paper
Offers a way out of
Darkness and despair
It offers a chance
For salvation
For eternal life

Blank paper
Is an opportunity for
For creativity
For respite
For sanctuary
For restoration of the
Body and
For renewal

Blank paper
Does not talk back
Does not create
Or ferment
Dissention or
It does not
Back stab or
Double cross
It does not act
It does not dissemble or
There is no
No ego
No false posturing

Blank paper
Provides wiggle room
And room to maneuver
One last chance to
Score the game winning goal
It is an opportunity to
Try something new
To think outside the box

Blank paper
Is a sacred trust
An oath
The opportunity to
Do no harm
It is a freshly planted
Bed of roses

Blank paper
Is like a
Philadelphia cheese steak hoagie
With all the trimmings!

Battle stations!
Batter up!
All hands on deck!
Batten down the hatches!
Damn the torpedoes!
Full steam ahead!

The main course is
About to be served!

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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