Wednesday, June 28, 2017


No point complaining about it now
The damage has already been done
Marrying into madness
Of course there will be
Ups and downs
That is to be expected
Didn’t see it coming
The signs were unmistakable
And they were everywhere
I just refused to believe them
I was in love
And love is all that they say it is
Blind deaf and dumb
The greatest pitfall
We will ever have to face in life
Love is very much
A terminal disease

Jack Henry Markowitz
Philadelphia, Pa

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I once knew a woman
who got away with murder
and when it came time
for her
to meet
her Maker
she simply plead
not guilty
Your Honor
by reason of

and off she went
scot free...

Jack H. Markowitz
Philadelphia, Pa

Monday, May 8, 2017

Lost In Traffic

Like Amelia Earhart
She disappeared
From my life
To parts unknown
Lost forever
To the foggy mists
Of dementia…

She was a lifelong
Source of inspiration
And encouragement
Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Took her away from
All that she loved
And from all those
Who loved her back

During our last conversation
She was riding in her car
With her adult daughter
Driving through thick
Old fashioned
New York City
Rush hour gridlock
Never to be heard from again

Ground Control to Amelia
Ground Control to Amelia
Come in Amelia

There is so much more
That I want to say
So much more
That I want to share

To no avail
On the radio
Nothing but static
Fair thee well
Blyth spirit
Bird thou never wert

Jack H. Markowitz
Philadelphia, Pa

Friday, March 17, 2017



It is an impossible task
To keep a woman happy
Though we men
Do all that we can
To fulfill their every
Need and desire

But no matter
How hard we try
To fill their
Bottomless pits

A man has
Only so much of himself
That he can give

And once he has utterly
Poured himself out
His strength and virility spent

She puts him out to pasture
If he is lucky

Or to a lunatic bin
If he is not

Jack H. Markowitz
Philadelphia, pa

Friday, September 9, 2016

Lonely As A Cloud 
I find it odd
that the expression
"Not a cloud in the sky"
Seems to have become
a metaphor
to mean
“no cares worries"
eh mate?
But not for me...
The emptiness of a
clear blue sky
only serves
to make me feel
all the more sad.

Instead of nothing
I would prefer to see
a vast marina
and a whole flotilla
of boats and ships
of every sort
with their great
white sheets of sail
filled to bursting
with every seminal gust
of the gallant wind
as they go gliding along
in stark silhouette against
the multitudinous hues
of the celestial canvas

I would prefer to see
massive ice bergs
drifting slowly along
in the sky oceanic
harbingers of the next
impending storm

I much prefer
to feel the sting of
the wind and the rain…
To feel the whiplash
of the unleashed deluge…
To flinch at the crackling snap
of the flashed lightening
and the sudden crash of thunder…
and to gratefully
and joyfully receive
the heavy fat droplets
of the sacred rain
the doubly blessed rain
that is now falling and
and spilling
with such reckless abandon
against my upturned cheeks… 

But then again…
Maybe that's just
jack h. markowitz
Philadelphia, Pa. 2016



Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It's A Tangle

It's a tangle
a bramble
a briar patch
a thicket
a web
with thorns
lots of thorns

I am tangled up
my horns
knotted up

I pull and struggle
I paw the ground
I twist
this way and that
to no avail

night is coming
the wolves are howling
I am the prey
they know it
I know it
and now
so do you

Philadelphia, Pa. 2016

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Birth of Israel

November 29, 1947
Millions of Jews the whole world over
Hold their breath
Huddled around their radios
Straining to hear the latest bit of news
Hoping against hope
That the 20th century
The bloodiest of them all
Might still hold the seeds of promise
For a tired people
An ancient people
A wounded people
Fresh from the killing fields of Europe.

The United Nations meets to decide the fate of the Jews!
For or against partition of Palestine and the Yeshuv!
Australia votes yes!
Egypt votes no!
America votes yes!
Jordan votes no!
Canada votes yes!
Syria votes no!
Argentina abstains!
Chile abstains!
United Kingdom abstains!
A million Jewish hearts beat as one!

Then, suddenly, the final vote tally is taken!
Thirty three for, thirteen against, ten abstain!
Like a thunderclap from the heavens!
Partition wins!
There are to be two states!
One Jewish, one Arab!
Hope is reborn!
The Jewish People again have a homeland at last!
After two thousand years of exile!
A Jewish homeland at last!

Hope renewed!
Hope restored!
With the simple stroke of a pen
Hope, Hatikvah, again triumphs over despair!
No more need Jewish children
Shake and tremble in their beds

Homeless no more!
Stateless no more!
Powerless no more!
Cheering and crying
Dancing in the streets of Tel Aviv!
The world has changed
The tide has shifted!
From out of the ashes of Auschwitz
The Jewish Phoenix has arisen!
Resurrection! Redemption!
Shout it from the roof tops of Jerusalem and Haifa!
Shout it from the valleys of Galilee
And the orange groves of Jaffa!
Shout it from the mountaintops of Mt. Sinai and Mt. Hermon!
Am Chai Yisroel!
The Jewish People live!
Philadelphia, Pa. 2010