Thursday, June 23, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

I often get
Especially angry
Whenever I read or hear
That the fresh water
Drinking supply
Of mother earth
Is being threatened
By pollution or
Some terrorist attack
Or by whatever new
Threat our
So called civilization
May conjure up
Without fresh water
To drink
We are all dead
Water is the universal
Solvent of life
Our own bodies
Are ninety percent

Did you know that
Nearly 1 billion people
Do not have
Safe water to drink?
Did you know that
A child dies
Every 15 seconds
From a lack
Of clean water
To drink?

1 in 4 children
Who die before age 5
Die of water
Related disease
Children in Africa
Must often walk
Miles every day
To collect
Dirty water
To drink
This can and must

Please take
The time to discover
The Water Project
Sponsored by Bill Gates
Together we can
And must
Make a difference

Think about this
The next time
You pour yourself
A nice cool
Cold glass
Of pure
To drink

Philadelphia, Pa. 2011

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