Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stop Killing All The Elephants

The Maasai of Kenya
Are on a rampage
To kill all of
The elephants
In Kenya
The Maasai
Are warrior
Who raise cattle
The cattle compete
With the elephants
For food
For grazing land
So the Maasai
Have begun
A campaign of
Killing all of the
The indiscriminate
Mass killing of
Has maddened
Many of them
And they become
Rogue killers
Of cattle and men
The killing of the elder
Especially of the males
Has left young
Male juvenile
To fend for themselves
Without the guidance
And example
Of the older males
These young males
Are leaderless
And they
Act out
Their aggression
By going rogue
And killing
The Massai cattle
And destroying the
Massai crops
The Maasai then
Take revenge
And kill more
This vicious cycle
Must come to an end
The whole world must
Join forces to stop
The Maasai
From killing all of the
The elephants
Have every right to live
Just as much as the Maasai
I have always thought of the
As noble warriors
Who were as smart
As they were brave
But this killing spree
Shows neither
Bravery nor
When will we
Ever learn?

Philadelphia, Pa. 2011

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