Monday, June 6, 2011

Dr. Jack Kevorkian Is Dead

Dr. Jack Kevorkian
Is dead
He died today
In his bed
Of pneumonia
It is said
Of natural causes
Caused by the
Pneumonia virus
He was called
Dr. Death
By his friends
And worse
By his enemies
His crime
Was in helping
Terminally suffering
Human beings
To end their
At a time
Of their own
With dignity
And loved ones
Close at hand
Whether it is called
Death with dignity
Or assisted suicide
It came as a blessing
In the guise
Of a gentle
And caring
Jack Kevorkian
Who would not
Turn a blind eye or
Deaf ear to the
Miseries of the dying
Instead of letting
Terminally ill patients
Continue to suffer
All the torments of hell
For no better reason
Other than to
Prolong their
Suffering and pain

Dr. Jack
Answered their letters
And prayers
To put them all
To bed
So that their suffering might
Suddenly end
So that
Death with dignity
Would be their friend
For this Dr. Jack
Was put on trial
At least half a dozen times
Though no jury of his peers
Would dare convict him
He was put on trial
For the alleged crime
Of assisting the
Terminally ill and dying
To ease their suffering and pain
Not only was he sent to prison
But they also tried to
Assassinate his
And his good name
But all that his
And detractors
Could ever have
Was to increase
Dr. Jack's glory
And his fame

He helped so many
Who were suffering
To die a peaceful
And he held
Their shaking hands
When they were
Their last breaths
Dr. Jack was their
Truer than true
Right up until
The very end

In the words of
The many
Whose suffering
He helped to end
These heart felt words
We now
So gratefully send
Thank you
Thank you
Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Philadelphia, Pa. 2011

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