Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Whole New Me

For some time now
I have been feeling
A very strong need
To reinvent myself

I need to get a whole new me

I need to go to the
Get A Whole New You Store
To see what they have to offer

It’s been a real long while
Since I shopped around for a
Whole new model of
Who I should/could be

Good afternoon sir
Welcome to the 
Get A Whole New You Store
Is there any particular model
That you were interested in seeing?
Something in a Yul Brynner perhaps? 
Or perhaps a John Wayne? 
We’re having something of a special
In our Wayne series
Perhaps I could interest you
In a slightly older version
Something in our
Rooster Cogburn line?
Or were you thinking
Of something 
More along the lines of a
Johnny Depp or of a 
Brad Pitt?
We have some lovely models in 
Depp and Pitt
Each of them still 
Very much in their
Youthful prime 

Actually I was thinking
More along the lines of
An accomplished
Alfred Hitchcock

Yes now that you mention it
I can see the resemblance
Especially in profile
Do you have much experience
As a film director?

No not really although
I do consider myself
To be something of a writer

Struggling or successful?


Do you see yourself more
As a still struggling author or
Do you see yourself as 
Having had some degree of success?


I see
Well then perhaps something
Along the lines of a
Charles Bukowski or
Edgar Allan Poe?

That’s a very wide spectrum indeed

Charles Dickens then? 

Can’t you narrow it down
A  tad more?

Kerouac and Ginsberg
Are still very popular
As are Hemingway and
F. Scott Fitzgerald or
Would you prefer
Something more 
Something more 
Early Americana
A Mark Twain or
O’ Henry perhaps? 

I feel so old and out of date
So out of step with the times

Well, sir,  fortunately
There’s no need to
Make a rash choice
Take your time
Try them all on
If you like
Time is irrelevant here at the
Get A Whole New You Store
The most important thing
Is that no matter what
Choice you ultimately make
That you leave here feeling
Comfortable in your own skin

We do however have a 
Thirty day return policy
Providing that you have 
Retained all of the original
Tags and receipts

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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