Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Radio Free America Calling

London calling!
Berlin calling!
St. Petersburg calling!
Tel Aviv calling!
USA calling!

This is the voice of
Radio Free America Calling!
From the crashing waves
Of the Pacific West Coast
From the Sierra Madre
Of the American Rocky Mountains
Across the Great Plains
Across the Great Divide
Beyond the Great Lakes
Down the Appalachian Trail
To the crashing waves of
The Eastern Seaboard
This is
Radio Free America Calling!

Make no mistake about it
Occupy America has come of age
Occupy America will rekindle
The spirit of the
Second American Revolution
We will resist
The rape and murder of our
American democracy by the
Right wing forces arrayed
Against us

Wake up America!
Come home America!
Radio Free America
Is calling you!

This is the voice of
Commandante Zero
Speaking to you from
Somewhere in the
Sierra Madre of the
Rocky Mountains
The Second American Revolution has begun!

We will inundate the enemy
With the unfettered creativity
Of our hearts and minds and souls
With our songs and poems
With our movies and novels
With our music and paintings
With a cultural revival
Such as the world
Has never before seen!

Companeros y compadres!
Foo fighters!
Militant Ninja Turtles!
Bat Man
Superman and
Green Lantern
War veterans!
Factory workers!
Farm workers!
Incredible Hulks!
Steel Mill workers
Automobile assembly line workers
White collar workers
Jedi warriors!
Knights of the Roundtable!
Now is the time to
Dust off our old battle fatigues!
Now is the time
To unfurl once again
Our banners and battle flags
In other times and
During other times of crisis
We the American people
Have been
Able to change
The course of human history before
And we can do it again!

The Second American Revolution has begun!
This is the voice of
Radio Free America Calling from
The heart of the Sierra Madre of
The American Rocky Mountains
And we are all of us
Commandante Zero!

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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