Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama is Dead, Long Live Obama

Osama is Dead
Long Live Obama
Like DNA
Linked together
On the double helix
Of destiny
And history
Barack meaning blessing
Because he is a blessing
To his people
Osama meaning lion
Lions are known
To kill the young cubs
Of the other male lions
So as to become
The sole Alpha lion
Of the pride
Osama bin Laden
Tried to do this
He tried to kill all
Of the lion cubs
Of his perceived enemies
To become the alpha lion
Of the entire world
Instead he became
A mass murderer
Like Stalin and Hitler
Though he dressed
And talked
Like an imam
Like a mufti
And a holy man
He left a trail of blood
As deep
As the Amazon river
As deep
As the Nile
Barack means blessing
Because he is a blessing to his people
A river of blessing to his people

Linked together like DNA
On the double helix
Of history and destiny
Osama is dead
Long live Obama

Philadelphia, Pa. 2011

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