Friday, May 27, 2011

Do Other People Do This?

Do Other People
Do This?
Or maybe it is just me
But I was wondering
Do other people
Do this
Do other people
Divorced people
Grieving people
Still sometimes
Act and live
As if their spouse
Were still with them
Even years after
The spouse has
Passed away or
Vacated the premises?

For instance
When I get in my car
And I put on the seat belt
I look over to the empty
Seat next to me
As if to ask if she
Is comfortable and
While driving
I find myself
Putting my arm
Around the head rest
Of the empty seat
As if she were
Still sitting there
Sometimes I still have
Arguments with her
In my head
Like we used to do
About directions
And the best route
To take

At home
Especially in winter
I make sure to ask
If she is comfortable
Or if she needs anything
As if she were
Still there
Still sitting
In the big blue
Comfy chair that
I bought especially for her
For her birthday
The one she used to like
So much
As she sat and
Watched TV or
Read a book
I would always
Ask her if she would like
Another blanket or
A glass of juice
Or wine
Or another pillow perhaps

In restaurants
I never feel alone
Even if I happen
To be by myself
I always
Picture her
Sitting there
Looking over the menu
As she was accustomed
To doing
Before the waitress
Would bring us
Our cocktails
In restaurants
I never ordered
Her food for her
She always liked
To do that
For herself

She still does

Philadelphia, Pa. 2011

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