Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sorry But I Did Not Die In Vietnam

I was drafted
To serve in the US army
In the summer of 1969

When I showed up
For the required
Physical exam
They told me that
They did not want me
After all
They told me that
I was 4F

Truth be told
I didn’t want them either
I was anti-war

I do not know
Anyone personally
Who actually
Went to Vietnam

Most of my
College educated crowd
Were anti-war and

However I did have
One college professor
Who advised that I go
To Vietnam
So as not to miss out
On the predominant experience
Of my generation

I told him
No worries
I told him
I would take a
Rain check instead

And if they ever
Give a war
Blood and gore
Then I’ll be
The first to go
(Draft Dodger Blues)

The butcher’s bill
For the Vietnam War:
55,000 US soldiers killed
2 million Vietnamese dead

Philadelphia, Pa 2011

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