Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Were Talking About the Impossibility of Being Me

I am so full of contradictions
That it amazes me
How I am able
To keep it all together
When every single
Atom and molecule
In my body
Wants to go
Its own separate way
As if they had
Some other pressing engagement
Someplace more exciting
Some other wild party to go to
Someplace where the action is hotter,
Where there are more
Curves and dips
More Salsa and chips
In the roller coaster ride of life
Someplace more hip and fun
More warm and inviting
Where the sounds of a mariachi band
Can be heard playing in the distance
Over the small talk and chatter
Of vacationing guests
Where the sun always shines
And the waves always splash against the shore
Where the bar is always open
Where there is plenty of eye candy
To go around

Can’t say that I blame them
If I ever had the chance and opportunity
I would want to go there too.

Philadelphia, Pa. 2011

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