Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ciao, baby
You’ve just caught me
In a bukowski state of mind
Not very literate
But also not meant to be unkind
In its’ own way
If only I can get out
Of my own way
My, what big feet you have
And will that new leg ulcer ever heal
And what’s with the blurry vision
And the weight gain
All of a sudden
This diabetes ain’t
A whole lot of fun
I was sold a bill of goods
Along with a shitload of bogus
Yet ever so expensive
Prescription drugs and Insulin
For conditions I didn’t
Even know I had
Let alone understand
Beyond the scheduled
Degradations caused by the inevitable
March of time
So please, pretty please
bang the drum slowly
if you insist on banging it at all
as slowly and as softly as you can
I would greatly appreciate
Such a kind gesture
The slower and softer the better
since my head is still throbbing
From being
in a bukowski
yes I said a bukowski
state of mind

j.h. markowitz
Philadelphia, Pa., 2011

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