Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Squirrels Win

I give up
I surrender
I am waving
the white flag
the squirrels win
I am talking about
the mother and daughter pair
that have decided
to set up
in my upstairs bedroom
window air conditioner unit
and who now call it home

I tried to shoo them off
I tried to scare them off
I even poked one
with the sharp end
of a letter opener
all to no avail
rather than be
chased out of their
comfortable home
they have chosen
to fight back

I am amazed
at their tenacity
and courage
I am in admiration
of their ability to rebuild
no matter how many times
I attempt to evict them

I must say
that I am not
all that surprised
that they have
picked my air conditioner
as their summer home
as it has all of the amenities
that any urban squirrel family
could desire
a great view
easy access to
a steady supply of food
(by way of the fruit trees
that I and my neighbors have
planted in our front yards)
a lovely southern exposure
situated high enough
above ground
to escape any predators
who might venture to disturb
their peaceful slumbers

Perhaps I should
charge them rent

Philadelphia, Pa. 2013

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