Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Come Toro

Come Toro
come you big
black beast
I see you
pawing the earth
your nostrils flaring
with your rage
I see your eyes
burning red
how you would love
to gore me to bits

Come Toro
come charging
at the big red cape
show me your power and
your unimaginable strength

Come Toro
you who fear
no man
no sword
you who will hold
your ground against
all odds

Come Toro
I am here with you
in the center
of the bull ring
having already
been gored
many times before
in defense of all
the worldly things
that I have loved
here see
my many scars
I do fear you
for I am
not as strong
nor as brave as you
and I know full well that
only one of us can survive
this day

Come Toro
If I give in to my fear
my cowardice will
stain us both
what glory is to be gained
by killing a coward
such as me

Come Toro
you see me
shivering with fear
did you think
I would die
as bravely as you
you magnificent beast
all I want to do
is to run away
I look for courage
but I have none

Come Toro
do to me
what you must
and let us not pretend
that either of us
can defer
the inevitable outcome
for even a moment longer
before my last ounce
of courage deserts me

Philadelphia, Pa. 2013

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