Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Last Days Of Adolf Hitler

It must have been ghastly
Those last few days
Down in the bowels of
Adolf Hitler’s
Fuhrer Bunker
Deep beneath the grounds
Of the burned out remains
Of the once glorious
Deutche Reichstag
(All that then remained of
The Fuhrer’s Third Reich
A Reich that was supposed to
Have lasted for
A thousand years but that
Had lived for only twelve
Long enough to have
Plunged the whole world
Into a second world war
With at least
Fifty million dead!)

The Fuhrer had finally
Been deserted
By all but
His closest friends
No more Mussolini
No more Himmler
Only Goebbels
Remained faithful
Spewing his twisted
Lies and propaganda
To deceive the
German people
Right to the very end

Eva Braun
The blond
German Bombshell
More cunning than
German born movie star
Marlene Dietrich
Also chose to remain
At her  Fuhrer's side
(Eva modeled herself
On the starlets of her
Beloved Hollywood
As she dyed
Her natural blond tresses
To look more like
The femmes fatales of
The silver screen)

Hitler liked his women
To be young and blond
(Like his niece Gaele
Who chose to kill herself
Rather than live a
Perverted life as
Hitler’s sex slave)

Hitler enjoyed
His daily injections
Of methamphetamine
(It made him feel like
He was victorious!)
But he forbade his staff
To smoke
(At least not in his presence)
“It’s bad for the lungs”
The Fuhrer would say
Although he apparently
Had no such compunctions
Against the use of
Zyklon B
(A toxic nerve agent
That was used by the
Waffen SS guards
In dozens of so-called
Concentration camps
To exterminate
Millions and millions of
Jews and Gypsies
And a whole host
Of others whom
Hitler considered to be
Racially Inferior to the
German master race)

As General Zhukov’s
Elite army troops
Fought their way
Into the heart of
To plant
The Red Soviet Flag
Atop the bombed out
Hitler and his new bride
Bid his staff farewell
And retired to his
Private study as
Thousand pound Allied bombs
Continued to rain down
On the ruins of Berlin

After a short interval
A pistol shot could be heard
Coming from Hitler’s room
“Oh that one was a bull’s eye!”
Said one of the staff secretaries
And she was right!

As the door to the room
Swung open
The grisly tableau
Revealed the dead bodies
Of Hitler and Eva Braun
(Eva had chosen the cyanide that
Her husband of two days
Had so thoughtfully provided for her)

Immediately the gathered staff
Pulled out their cigarettes
As they began to smoke
In solemn celebration
Of the end of their
Fuhrer’s life
While Hitler’s
Already rotting corpse
Was splashed with
The last remaining
Cans of petrol
As his body was
Set on fire

Advancing Soviet troops
Could also see the rising
Column of smoke coming
From Herr Hitler’s
Burning corpse

It did not take them long
To know beyond any doubt
What they had finally found

The official Soviet
Forensic examination
Of the dead Fuhrer’s
Dental records and
Skull fragments
Confirmed that
Adolf Hitler
Was indeed
Quite officially dead!
And an entire world
Could finally
Breathe a collective sigh
Of momentary relief

Make that
One more psychotic
Despot disposed of!

Okay world
Take five and
Smoke if you got em
(At least until the next
Crackpot maniac
So-called Fuhrer
Comes along)!

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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