Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Walking The Floor Over You

You left me and you went away
You said that you'd be back and just that day
You've broken your promise and you left me here alone
  G                                                      G
I don't know why you did dear, but I do know that you're gone

C                          F
I'm walking the floor over you
  G                          C
I can't sleep a wink that is true
C                                                      F
I'm hoping and I'm praying as my heart breaks right in two
G                      C
Walking the floor over you
Ernest Tubb

Did you ever
Have a song lyric
And tune
Just happen to get
Stuck in your head
And no matter
What you did
To try and shake it
The words and music
Just keep
Going on
Round and around
In your head?

The above lyrics and tune
have been
Spinning around
In my brain
For quite
Some time now

Maybe all of this
Can be blamed on
My Diabetes
Or I could blame
My high blood pressure
Or maybe
I really do have
A bad case of
Spring Fever
(I plead guilty
To all of the above)

Recently l was
To a women of
Immaculate perfection
Right here in the office
Where I continue to work
(At least until
My looming
Retirement date
Clicks off the time that
I have remaining)

You might say that
For the past year or so
With retirement
Staring me in the face
That I have been on
A kind of
Cruise control
Not really paying
Too much attention
To the goings on
All around me

And then
One fine morning
This past month
I was introduced to a new
Worker here at the office
Who I found to be
Attractive and
Soft spoken
And who
In all ways
Would make
Taking a walk
Through the park
(Or along the
 Lincoln Drive)
On a beautiful
Spring afternoon
Such as this
Into a joyous occasion
Well worth remembering

Her name is Lisa
And she lives in
The nearby suburb of

We are closer in age
Than I originally thought
At first blush
And I could really
Wax poetic
About her other
(If I was a better poet
And not all thumbs
As I am today)

I did wish her a
Happy Valentine’s Day
This past week
When red and pink
Boxes of cherry filled
Chocolates were
Everywhere to be seen
She smiled and
Wished me the same
And let me tell you
At my age and
For a man
In my much to be desired
Physical condition
That smile
Meant everything to me
(I can predict that
I will be living off of
The glow of that smile
Many months from now)

It was about
That time that
I began hearing
The singing voice
Of Ernest Tubb
Singing his signature hit
I Am Walkin The Floor Over You
Going round and round
In my head

Call me crazy
But I do believe
That all of the
Above events
Are somehow
Karma connected
I may even do
something crazy
about it
(Perhaps one day
I may even
Have enough
Guts and intestinal
To actually
Show her
This poem).
Now wouldn’t that
Be something, eh?

(Stranger things
Have happened!)

Philadelphia, Pa. 2010

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