Friday, January 13, 2012

I Have Seen Too Much

I have seen too much
And done too much
And said too much

I drink too much
And smoke too much
And eat too much
And talk too much
And swear too much
And I fuss too much
About just about

Do I annoy you?
Do I bore you to tears?
Do I make your flesh crawl?
Well we are even then!

I either like you too much or
I love you too much or
I hate you too much or
I couldn’t care less about you!

When I need you
I need you and
When I don’t
I don’t
But how are you
Supposed to know
The difference?

When I want you
I want you
No questions asked
I don’t want any
Conversation or
Back talk or

I don’t care
What you are thinking
And I am not going to share
My thoughts or
My emotions or
My schemes or
My plans or
My hopes or
My dreams
None of that!

If you threaten to leave me
I will lie and say that
That works for me!
Though I will be
Desperately sad if you do
I could beg you to stay
But I won’t even try
Because when it really
Matters the most
Words fail me!
Just as I know that
I have failed you!
I plead guilty
Your honor and
I throw myself
On the mercy
Of the court!
When I know
Perfectly well
That there is
No mercy
To be had!

I know too much
And I think too much
And I worry too much
About this and that and
Such and such
All for naught!

I toss and turn
And wake up
In a sweat and
Dream bad dreams
That end in screams
That bust my seams
That rip out the stitches
Where it always itches
And itches
Sons of bitches!
So much for all the
Two faced snitches
That have burned
My britches
And who all like to
Laugh at all of
My outbursts
And twitches


Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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