Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Sun Comes Up

The sun comes up
East to west
The boardwalk stretches
From here
To the horizon

I lift you up
By your elbows
Your pigtails
You are all freckles
And smiles

Nothing but
Boardwalk, beach
Ocean and sky
Boardwalk, beach
Ocean and sky
while overhead
The seagulls
And howl
Like jackals

Too soon
The sun begins to set
East to west
The boardwalk
No longer
Seems quite as long
The carousel
Bells begin to ring madly
As the painted
Wooden ponies
Slowly begin to rise
And come to life

You and I
We listen
To the cacophonic
Of whirligig organ grinder
Music and chiming bells

While we eat
Our cotton candy
And jelly apples
Just you and me
Father and daughter
Until we are almost
With joy

Philadelphia, Pa. 2011

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