Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Reaching Out To A Former Girl Friend Via Facebook

I recently tried
To reach out
To a former
Girl friend
Via Facebook
We have not spoken
To each other
For the past
Thirty years
But I figured
What the hell
No sense thinking
About her every day
If I do not try to contact
Her at least once more
Before I die
So I can die
Without having at least that one
Regret hanging over my head
And heart
So I looked her up
On the search engine
And located her page
And I began
To send her messages
I miss you
I still love you
We can work it out
Life is too short for fussing
And fighting my friend
(She is a fanatical Beatles fan)
At least won’t you let me be
Your Facebook friend?
I waited several weeks
No reply
I waited several weeks more
Still no reply
I tried writing her poems
And posting them to her wall
No reply
I recalled our past relationship
Reminded her of things
Whispered long ago
No reply
I sent her suggestive song lyrics
From the era when we dated
No reply

And then finally
I broke down
And I did the unthinkable
I begged her to forgive me
(Ain’t To Proud To Beg Sweet Darlin’)
I begged her to try to get past
All the years of accumulated
Anger and hurt
I apologized to her
For all the hurt that I may
Have caused her
Whether intended or not
I said that if we could
Not get together again
Could I at least be
One of her many
(Hundreds) of Facebook friends
But still
No reply

I told her
I was having a rough time
Without her
And that I needed her help
No reply

Finally, I flipped all the cards
And tried to appeal
For her sympathy
In a final desperate
Attempt to woo her
I told her that
I really needed to know
If she still cared enough
To at least be able to say
That she would
And still does continue to care
If I were to go on living or not

Again I waited
And waited
And again
No reply

Ah well
I thought
Throwing in the towel
While typing in my favorite
Porno page
So much
For reaching out
To former
Girl friends
Via Facebook.

Philadelphia, pa. 2011

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