Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Love the Way

I love the way
The sand feels
Between my toes
Whenever I walk
Along the water’s edge
At the beach
I love the way
That the wind feels
Against my skin and hair
As the beach flags
Snap and crack
With every gust
I love the way
The salted sea air smells
Like jasmine and citrus
And gardenia
I love the way
The piper birds
Dodge in and out
With every wave
Picking off the sea brine
And crab eggs
From the bubbling sands
I love the way
The fresh air
Fills every corner of my lungs
As children laugh and play
And build their special sand castles
Under the watchful eyes
Of nervous parents
Ever on the alert for trouble
I love the way
The ocean envelops my body
And makes every nerve tingle
As I revel in being alive
Feeling rejuvenated
I love the way
The powerful waves
Crash over my head
And push me down
Into the frothing surf
Until my lungs almost burst
For want of air
And I come bobbing to the surface
Like a porpoise
Like a leopard seal
Like a beached walrus
In search of some sun drenched rocks
A place to take shelter
To bask in the glorious sunlight
To dry my skin
To stretch out my body
To hear the seagulls
Calling out to each other
Until the sun
Finally sets
And everyone goes home
Waiting for tomorrow
For another majestic day
To dawn

Philadelphia, Pa. 2011

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