Friday, September 9, 2016

Lonely As A Cloud 
I find it odd
that the expression
"Not a cloud in the sky"
Seems to have become
a metaphor
to mean
“no cares worries"
eh mate?
But not for me...
The emptiness of a
clear blue sky
only serves
to make me feel
all the more sad.

Instead of nothing
I would prefer to see
a vast marina
and a whole flotilla
of boats and ships
of every sort
with their great
white sheets of sail
filled to bursting
with every seminal gust
of the gallant wind
as they go gliding along
in stark silhouette against
the multitudinous hues
of the celestial canvas

I would prefer to see
massive ice bergs
drifting slowly along
in the sky oceanic
harbingers of the next
impending storm

I much prefer
to feel the sting of
the wind and the rain…
To feel the whiplash
of the unleashed deluge…
To flinch at the crackling snap
of the flashed lightening
and the sudden crash of thunder…
and to gratefully
and joyfully receive
the heavy fat droplets
of the sacred rain
the doubly blessed rain
that is now falling and
and spilling
with such reckless abandon
against my upturned cheeks… 

But then again…
Maybe that's just
jack h. markowitz
Philadelphia, Pa. 2016



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