Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Kool Aid Drinkers & Other Poems

‘The Kool Aid Drinkers and Other Poems’
by Jack Henry Markowitz

This book is a compilation of relatable poetries about life and its intricacies 

PHILADELPHIA – Author Jack Henry Markowitz reveals a collection of his recent poems in “The Kool Aid Drinkers & Other Poems.” This book provides a wide array of poetries that are topical and personal in nature, painting a vivid and relatable picture of life.
His works vary from his day to day experiences to simple musings about the intricacies of life. Some chronicles his days as a teenager who tries to fit in into a fast-moving world, bewitched by girls and the allure of love. Others tell about the difficult days when he has to take any job to provide a roof on his head and food in the table. Several of them voice out political leanings and liberating thoughts about society and freedom. A few talks about the beauty of nature and the simple joys it brings to man.
Mostly written in free verse, Markowitz’s compilation of poems are insightful and filled with lessons that one can get out of a hard life. His experiences are mirrored in his works – from growing up to overcoming difficult odds. Candid, thought-provoking and often humorous, “The Kool Aid Drinkers & Other Poems” will let readers glimpse the life of an ordinary man who leads an extraordinary life.

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