Friday, March 8, 2013

My Ever Aging Home

Whenever I get discouraged
at the present condtion of
my ever aging home
so much in need of repair
and general sprucing up
I try to see
my homestead
through the eyes of a
homeless man and
my gratitutde for
having a simple roof
over my head
overwhelms me

I have lived
in this house now
for the past thirteen years
I see my humble abode
as a tall masted ship
on wind tossed seas
and as her captain
I am pleased to walk
her battered decks
and to chart her
a steady course
as we sail from
port to port
into the shrouded future

She is a good ship
full of the booty that
I have gathered
through hard work
and blood and sweat and tears

She has lasted
more than half a century
though today she has a
harder time
not showing her age
but I wouldn't trade her
for a newer model
so long as she
continues to stay afloat
and I have no doubt that she
can last
another fifty years
so long as her captain
doesn't lose heart
in his ever faithful
landlocked boat

Philadelphia, Pa. 2013

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