Monday, November 19, 2012

Life Is A Game Of Inches

Like football
life is a game of inches
first and goal
third down
to pass or
to run
only six inches to go
between failure
and success
between happiness
and grief

When you were small
you used to take my hand
whenever we had to cross
the street
such a tiny hand
such a busy
and dangerous street
and when we’d cross
you would skip and jump
the entire way
as if just walking
were not fun enough
sometimes I would join in
not caring how silly
it might look

It didn’t take much
to make us both
feel happy
back then
a visit to the zoo
the circus
a swing
a see-saw
jumping into a pile
of fallen autumn leaves
and making them scatter
to kingdom come

And if your nose ran
I’d find a hankie
and if your knee
was scraped
I’d find a band aid

Then you grew up
and moved away
and we hardly ever
see each other
any more
you have your own
kids now
and it is your hand
that reaches out to them
to provide for all
of their needs
small hands
small feet
small shoes
small hats and coats

It is the small things
in life
that matter the most

Philadelphia, Pa 2012

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