Thursday, September 20, 2012


For miles around
as far as the eye
could see
they came
they came to vote
they came to bear witness
they came to make history

I was there too
we were going to elect
the nation’s first
African American President
Barack Hussein Obama
Destiny’s child
thrust up by the forces of
Fate and History
a once in a generation man
to stem the tide
to hold back
the financial avalanche
caused by greedy evil men
in powerful places
whose motto was
let the public be damned!

They came and waited patiently
in lines that stretched around the block
to vote for the man
who promised
Hope and Change

We are the generation
that we have been waiting for!
The Time for Change has Come!
We have come too far to turn back now!
Keep Hope Alive!

Many with their
babies in their arms
waiting their turn
their golden chance
their sterling opportunity
to elect America’s
First Black President

It wasn’t for McCain
that they stood shivering
in the rain
It was Barack Obama who
was the cause of all that drama
It was Barack Hussein Obama
and it will be so again!

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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