Friday, April 20, 2012

Absalom, Absalom

How extravagant you are
Tossing away the precious
Gift of love
As if you were
Just taking out
The morning trash
How extravagant you must be
To be able
To be so cavalier
With my paltry offerings
Of undying affection

You must have hoarded away
A treasure trove of love
Hidden away somewhere
In buried treasure chests
Like so many stolen
Golden doubloons

A king’s ransom of
Pirated love loot
Safely buried away
(Or so you
Would like to think)
In some
Private pirate cove
On some uncharted island
Somewhere in the Dry Tortugas

It is best that you
Guard your hidden
Treasures well
For looters and
Scavengers and
Treasure seekers
Are everywhere

I should know
I am one of them

Philadelphia, Pa. 2012

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