Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why Some Jews Are In Desperate Need Of Jesus

The Kensington Brooklyn Monster
Levi Aron
A Mad as a Hatter Jew
Who took the life
Of an eight year old
Hasidic boy named
Leiby Kletsky on
A little boy
Who hailed from
Boro Park Brooklyn
Barely old enough
To walk himself home
From Cheder
Only to be accosted
By Levi Aron
A free lance
Run of the mill
Lunatic Jew
Who thought
It would be
A fine thing
To kill and dismember
This young fawn
Of a boy
And to then put
The martyred
Boy's feet In his refrigerator
A la another infamous
Serial killer
Jeffrey Dahmer
For what Satanic
Purpose only
Levi Aron would know

In this particular case
I would recommend
The Torah’s
Ancient remedy
Of stoning
The miserable bastard
To death
A fate that he
So richly deserves

And may
Leiby Kletzsky
Rest in peace
And may
His memory
Be a blessing
For all time

As for the fate
of Levi Aron
All that I can say
Is that he is
proof positive of
Why some Jews
Are in desperate need
of Jesus

Philadelphia, Pa. 2011

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