Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Homage to John Lennon

It was thirty years ago today
John Lennon’s death taught us all to pray

Though his career was going in and out of style
we always thought we’d have him ‘round for yet a while

But Mark David Chapman had set a trap
He had a gun was eager to take the rap
He never was able to just enjoy the show
He had his gun and he wanted to make it glow

And now he’s rotting in an upstate prison cell
Though we all wanted him to rot in hell
But he was set on murder and wanted to kill
He was certain it would be a thrill

To see John’s blood bright red in the snow
Mostly because he had no other place to go
Filled with envy and self hate
Sick and tired at being second rate
He would kill that which once he professed to love
Sure that fame would fall from above

He said he didn’t really want to stop the show
but killing John was all that he did know
So he aimed his gun and pulled the trigger
And John fell with a shiver

That cold grey afternoon in December
The one we will always remember
Seeing John’s blood spilled in the snow
Because he had no other place to go

As he made his way to the Dakota
He stopped to buy himself a soda
He just wanted to be a dad
Like the father that he never had

Never thinking that day would be his last day on earth
Had he known, what would that have been worth?

And now John’s killer wants to sing a song
and he wants us all to sing along
So let me introduce to you
the one and only Billy Shears
And Mark David Chapman’s
Lonely Hearts Club Band

Jack h. Markowitz
December 8. 2010

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