Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bleeker and MacDougal - The Hippest Street in Town

Scotch and soda
Mud in your eye
Baby do I feel high
Oh yeah, oh my
Higher than a kite can fly
Baby, do I feel high…

Scotch and soda
Jigger of gin
Oh what a spin you’ve got me in
Oh me, oh my
Baby do I feel high…
(lyrics by Kingston Trio)

Like a pigeon
tossed into the city sky
Where do you go?
Where do you fly?

Bleeker and MacDougal
The hippest street in town!

F train to West 4th
Play some B ball
On the corner
If you must.

Stop for coffee,
hot and black,
Espresso, Cappuccino,
Have a snack
Sit, snooze, sip,
Read some Kerouac.

Have a laugh,
sing a song
Who needs all that drug paraphernalia?
Who still needs to buy a bong?

Birdland, 8th and 44th.
Lovano, Liebman, Coltrane,
Big Sax Summit
Brother Phil on the keys

Food, people, wine
Not a sour puss in sight
Homing like a pigeon.
Bleeker and MacDougal
F train to West 4th.
To the hippest street in town
Did someone say
Cafe Figaro
May be shutting down?
Damn shame if you ask me.

In the blink of an eye
Here today, gone tomorrow
All the joy
All the sorrow
Poured out to the last good drop

Ah, well,
Let’s order another bottle,
Plenty of time
Until tomorrow
Plenty of time
Before the last train
Out of town!

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