Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Weird. I have such bad karma with technology. I started writing this blog back in February and then totally forgot how to access it again until today. I am glad that I have this outlet back on line though I am pressed for time today. I wasn't expecting to be back, so this is a pleasant surprise and a nice cherry topping ending to a rather bland and boring day at work (is there really any other kind?). As usual I am feeling at odds with myself; knowing that I must make some major changes in my life yet not sure how to proceed or even what those changes need to be (sound familiar?).

I describe myself these days as being semi-retired though that is only half true. I still report to work every day, but I have a predetermined retirement date several years from now; still, knowing the date of my retirement provides the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and that does make a big psychological difference in how I approach each and every day.

I try not let the usual office politics and in fighting affect me as much as before. It is sad that our work environments have become so toxic to good health and to our self-estime and sense of well being. I try to take more time off from work. My new scheme is to try to take payday Fridays off so that at least I will have some coins to spends before I am again flat broke (it does not take long). Like most writers, I have found that living a hand to mouth existence becomes second nature; I know that I have lots of company in this quandry. How are you faring in the wake of The Great Recession? Has the election of Barack Obama ushered in a new golden age for America? We can only hope so! More on all of the above later. Right now I have to close up shop and get ready to catch my train for the home bound commute. Stay tuned folks!

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